Хэвлэх DOC Татаж авах
Unofficial translation
Date: 14 July 2010                                                           #190                                            Venue:       Ulaanbaatar 
Re: on Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative
It is ordered by the Government of Mongolia to:
1. Assign Minister of Finance S.Bayartsogt to finance the associated costs of EITI effective from the fiscal year of 2011by reflecting the necessary budget in the package of Prime Minister of Mongolia on an annual basis in order to enhance the implementation of EITI.
2. Within the framework of EITI, assign the governors of aimags, capital city, soum and districts to report and publicize the receipts of taxes, payments, fees, charges and fines paid by the holders of exploration and exploitation licenses to the local and central government budget and cash and in-kind donations made by license holders to Administration of aimags, capital city, soum and districts and other public agencies in accordance with the reporting templates every year.
Prime Minister of Mongolia (S.Batbold)
Minister of Finance (S.Bayartsogt) (Signed and sealed)